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russian fairytales (part 9)

One morning, the Bearcub woke up and thought to himself:
"There are so many rabbits in the forest.  But only one of them - the Rabbit - is my friend. I have to name him somehow!"
And he started thinking of a name for his friend.  "If I call hime Fuzzytail", - the Bearcub thought,- "that wouldn't be right because my tail is also fuzzy...  If I call him Whiskers, that also would be no-good because other rabbits have whiskers as well.  I should give him such a name that everyone would know right away that he is a friend of mine." 
And then it occured to Bearcub:
"I shall call him RABBITFRIENDOFBEARCUB! - he whispered to himself.. And then everyone will know!"
Then he jumped off his bed and began to dance with joy.
-RABBITFRIENDOFBEARCUB! RABBITFRIENDOFBEARCUB! - sang the Bearcub. - "No one has such a long and beautiful name!.."
Then the Rabbit showed up.
He stepped into the house, walked over to the Bearcub, petted him with his paw and softly said:
-What? - the Bearcub was confused.
-This is your new name now! - said the Rabbit. - All night long I was thinking - What should I call you?
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russian fairytales part 6

A spring tale
This has never happened to the Hedgehog before. Never before did he want to sing and scream with joy for no reason whatsoever. But now, during the month of May, he sang all the time and had fun every day. And if someone asked him why he was so happy, the Hedgehog would just smile
and start singing even louder.
-This is all because the Spring is here - said the Bearcub. That's why the Hedgehog is so happy!
Meanwhile, the Hedgehog took his fiddle out of the closet, called the two rabbits over and said to them:
-Go grab your drums from the year before, and come back!
And when the rabbits came back with their drums slung across their shoulders, the Hedgehog
instructed them to follow him as he walked and played his fiddle.
-Where is he walking to? - asked the First Rabbit
-I don't know - answered the Second Rabbit
-Should we play our drums? - he then asked the Hedgehog
-No, not yet- said the Hedgehog- Can't you tell? I am playing the fiddle!
And thus they walked through the whole forest. In the clearing by a tall pine, the Hedgehog stopped, lifted his little snout, and not taking his eyes off the Squirrel's hollow, started playing the most tender melody that he knew - "The Sad Mosquito".
"Neee-nee-nee!" sang the fiddle. The Hedgehog was so overcome with happy melancholy, he even closed his eyes.
-Why did we stop here? - asked the First Rabbit.
-Don't you get it? - surprised Hedgehog exclaimed- The Sun-Red lives here!
-Should we play our drums?
-Wait- grumbled the Hedgehog- I will tell you when.
Then he closed his eyes again and carried on with "The Sad Mosquito".
All this time, the Squirrel sat in her tree hollow and knew that the Hedgehog is standing beneath the pine tree, playing "The Sad Mosquito" and is calling her "Sun-Red".
But she wanted to listen to the fiddle a bit longer, and so she did not look out.
The Hedgehog played his fiddle all day until the evening. And when he would get tired,
he would nod to the rabbits, and they quietly drummed to let the Squirrel know that
the Hedgehog is still outside, beneath her pine tree, waiting for her to look out her tree-hollow.
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russian fairytales part 5

Clean Birds

More than anything, the Hedgehog loved the first real days of spring. Already, there was not a single inlet of snow left in the forest. Thunder rattled in the sky during the night, and although you could not see the lightning, the rain poured down until dawn.
"The forest is washing itself!" - thought the Hedgehog - "Firs, stumps, clearings - everything is getting washed. The birds are now flying from the South, and the rain is cleaning their feathers too!"
In the morning, the Hedgehog came out on his porch and waited for the clean, bathed birds.
-They still did not arrive! - said the Squirrel.
-Kar-r-r! It is ha-r-rd fo-r-r them to t-r-r-avel! - crowed the Crow.
But the Hedgehog would smell the air and say-
"It still smells like the clean birds!"
Then the Woodpecker on top of his pine, started grooming his feathers.
"I should also be clean! - he thought - Otherwise, they will fly in and say: Woodpecker, why are you so dusty?"
The Rabbit was sitting under a bush, washing his ears.
-You know, you should use a pine cone - yelled the Hedgehog to him - the dirt comes out much better with the pine cone!
-And what would you advise I use to clean my horns? - asked the Moose who came to the clearing before Hedgehog's house.
-Sand! - said the Hedgehog - Nothing beats sand when it comes to cleaning horns.
The Moose then made his way to the riverbank, and laid next to the water. Nearby, the Fox was standing in the middle of the current, picking out fleas. The Moose asked the Fox to help him clean his horns -
-I feel so self conscious - mumbled the Moose, - the birds will soon be here, and my horns still aren't clean.
-All right, i will clean your horns for you! - replied the Fox to the Moose.

Fox was clever and really knew how to clean oneself. He was sitting up to his neck in the ice cold water, holding in his outstretched paw above his head a fistful of withered grass. The fleas got cold in the water and made their way to the grass. And when all the fleas were on the grass, the Fox threw it in the river and the current carried it away. Then the Fox started polishing Moose's horns with the sand.
-Do you want them shining? -asked the Fox.
-No- said the Hedgehog- shining horns do not look good. They should be..marble?
-So the horns should not shine? - verified the Fox just to make sure.
-They should not shine- said the Hedgehog.
And the Moose felt so good that he snorted with pleasure.
The Woodpecker also groomed all his feathers and was looking young and clean. The Rabbit finished washing his ears and now started on his tail. As for the Hedgehog, he cleaned every single one of his needles with a little rag. He was so clean, that now even the cleanest bird could not say that it was cleaner than the Hedgehog!
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Black Dream on the radio tomorrow!!

My band Black Dream is gona be on Pirate Cat Radio this Thursday, Dec 30 at 4:30 PM (PST). (That means 7:30 PM for all you freezing East Coast people.) We will be playing some newly-recorded songs off of our new EP, and doing our thing.. Sooooo... You should listen online and call in to say 'hi'!

Studio line:

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PS - And here's a sneak peak of one of our new songs GENERATOR (not mixed yet):